Rita’s Angel Fund

With tens of thousands of dogs and cats entering Oklahoma City Animal Welfare last year, an injury or treatable condition can often mean the difference between life and death. That’s why the Central Oklahoma Humane Society created the Rita’s Angel Fund – so that dogs and cats can receive the medical treatment they deserve.

Created to honor founding board member Rita Hoch, the Rita’s Angels Fund assists treatable animals needing extensive medical care.

As the largest animal related non-profit in Oklahoma City, we must rely solely on donations to be able to provide this level of medical treatment for our community’s pets in order to save their lives and provide the second chance they deserve.

OK Humane is asking the public to consider a tax-deductible donation today to the Rita’s Angel Fund to help us continue to save the lives of so many innocent dogs and cats who arrive suffering from abuse, accidents and neglect, including broken bones, severe lacerations, mange, gunshots, and other medical emergencies.


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Here are just some of the special pets Rita’s Angel Fund has helped save.

When Isty arrived at the Central Oklahoma Humane Society, we promised we would do everything we could to make her happy again. This sweet girl had had a rough life; she was rescued from a hoarding situation in Louisiana and then brought to a shelter in the Houston area. Soon after, tragedy struck. Houston was devastated by Hurricane Harvey, which resulted in shelters overflowing pets.  Upon Itsy’s medical evaluation it was discovered that she suffered from serious medical problems. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and tested positive for heartworms. But she didn’t give up on us so we weren’t about to give up on her. With time we found the perfect home for Itsy to receive love along with the medical care she desperately needed and deserved.

Phoenix– This 1 year-old Pit-bull Pointer mix came to us after the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare reached out to us for assistance. He suffered from a massive crushing, puncture wound to his chest which had become severely infected. Though in extreme pain, he still craved love and affection and just wants to curl up by your feet. We rushed him to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery to remove the dead tissue, clean and drain the infected wound, and prevent further exposure. Currently, he is suffering from extreme infection, our medical team will monitor him as he progresses and he’ll go into a long-term foster while he heals. A second surgery may be required to remove additional dying and dead tissue, but only time will tell.


Honey – This 11-month-old German Shepherd came to us after she was found lying helpless on the side of the road by a good Samaritan in pain, scared and unable to move. We rushed her to a hospital where it was determined she has several injuries to her hips and legs from being hit by a car. Currently, we know she has many severe fractures, dislocations, and nerve damage. Our medical team and her caring foster are working on pain management in preparation for surgery.

Rue + Prim

Rue and Prim – These two kittens came from a litter of five kittens all born without eyelids. All five of these sweet babies suffer from a genetic disorder that has made them blind or in danger of becoming blind. An ophthalmologist has seen the five kittens and determined that it is urgent they have surgery if we want to save their sight and their health. Of the kittens, little Prim and Rue need our help the most. And if we don’t act quickly, the rest may go blind as well. We will provide updates on surgery and recovery as these kittens move through their treatment.

Spartan came to us covered in thousands of ticks, unable to walk, and on the brink of death. It is clear to us that he was starved and neglected. Despite his pain and suffering, he has a strong will to live. We don’t yet know how long Spartan will have on his road to recovery, but we DO know that we cannot do it without the money and provided by the Rita’s Angel Fund.

There was an audible gasp among staff when we first laid eyes on this poor, emaciated Collie mix. We gave him the strong name of Champ because we believed he was a fighter. After months in a foster home, special care, and medication, this boy’s positive attitude shines through in his before and afters made possible with help from you.

Oscar- This 7-year-old Lhasa Apso mix showed up severely matted and clearly neglected by the family he trusted. After a visit with a specialist, we know his left eye can no longer see. His right eye wasn’t producing tears which made it hard to see it all. He is on the road to recovery in a loving foster home.

Misha- This teeny tiny girl stole the hearts of staff as soon as she came into our program. This 3-month old Dachshund came into the program with severe mange and almost no hair to keep her little body warm. She was nervous and sick. After some time in foster care she has proved to be sweet, playful and sassy. She is on the road to full recovery and a new family.

Denver, a Great Pyrenees mix, was found abandoned at the local shelter where he was scared and waiting for help with gaping wounds on his head and ears. While Denver couldn’t tell us his story, we knew he has been through a lot– possibly being attacked by an animal while wandering alone on the streets.After some being treated by our vet, Denver spent many weeks in foster care on the mend. His hair grew back and his spirit improved. Now Denver lives in New York with a family and land to call his own.

Gloria has a story that isn’t uncommon. This pit bull mix girl was found covered from head to toe in mange caused by neglect. Likely, Gloria’s first year on Earth was spent tied to a tree and exposed to theelements. This sweet, shy girl spent months in our care on the mend. After many skin treatments and check ups, her story found her in Florida with her new family.

Gracie was turned into the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter after being hit by a car. She had extensive skin wounds on her sides and belly from “skidding” across the asphalt on the road. She was so painful when we first saw her that she remained curled in a ball and would not move. After cleaning and dressing the wounds and starting medications for infection and pain, Gracie went into a foster home to heal. She was adopted into a loving, patient home.

Horton had been dumped in the country and shot in the head with a small handgun. Luckily for Horton, he was found by an OK Humane supporter who brought him directly to us. Our veterinary team gave him emergency treatment to remove the bullet from his head. After healing from his wounds, Horton stayed in one of our foster homes until he was adopted.

Snowy, a Shih Tzu mix, was surrendered to the shelter with a laceration to her leg. After cleaning, our veterinarian discovered a rubber hairband embedded in her right leg. Our veterinarian was able to remove the band and Snowy made a smooth recovery before being adopted into a loving home.

Deuce, an inspiring story made possible by your support, is a cat that was found by the side of the road missing his two back legs and part of his tail. Deuce is a wonder cat, and miraculously learned how to adapt to walking on his two front legs! His story made national news, and even reached as far as Australia! Click this link to see a video about Deuce’s amazing story: News on 6: Injured Oklahoma City Cat Adapts To Life On Two Paws.

ritaRita Hoch

Rita Hoch is a founding board member of the Central Oklahoma Humane Society. She continues to serve on the board and works along side staff with special cases. Prior to this, Rita has been associated with various organizations as well as actively volunteering for the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare.