OK Humane Place Spay + Neuter Clinic

Before You Book Your Appointment
  • All surgeries require an appointment. Call us at 405-947-SPAY (7729) or book online.
  • We accept cash, Visa or MasterCard. Payment is requested at drop off.
  • Animals must be at least 8 weeks old and weigh 2 lbs.
  • A Rabies vaccination is required for all patients 3 months and older unless you show proof of current vaccination.
  • Surgery prices include: pre-op exam by veterinarian, general anesthesia and monitoring throughout the surgery process.
After You Book Your Appointment
  • For your pet’s safety, please read the pre-op instructions.
  • Cats must be in a carrier and dogs on a leash. Please line the carrier with newspaper or an old towel.
  • If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, we require 48-hour’s cancellation.
  • If your pet is over 8 years old, please call the clinic for special surgery instructions.