staff-favorite-skyeSkye is a precious gal who often gets overlooked in the adoption center because she is slow to warm up and show her affection. Sky began her journey with us as a mom to nursing babies. It took her some time to adjust without them, but is now getting used to being on her own. While she may shy away at first, she will soon be coming to her new family for pets and snuggles. Her ideal home would be one with a quiet environment. While our staff loves how friendly she is, she prefers the company of adults to kids who can play a little rough. Anytime Skye’s name is mentioned in front of our staff, they often hold their hearts and express how much she means to everyone. Because of her journey of coming out of her shell, she is our staff favorite.

In addition, Skye’s adoption is fee-waived thanks to the Petco Foundation.

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