Mrs. Mittens

Mrs. Mittens is polydactyl (she has extra toes) so it looks like she has mitten feet. She is sweet as pie and loves to cuddle while you watch TV and will keep you warm at night while you sleep. Mrs. Mittens had a rough start. She was turned in to the shelter where she delivered her five kittens. Across the country, mortality rates are higher in shelter litters. She and her babies had a respiratory infection which required antibiotics and breathing treatments which were paid for through generous donations to the Rita’s Angels Fund. But Mrs. Mittens and her five babies beat the odds and all survived. And she was such a good mother that she adopted two little day old tuxedo kittens who did not have a mother. She has raised her family and is now looking for her happily ever after. Please consider adding her to your family. She is a really special lady.

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