Harvey is a wonderfully sweet and loving dog who wants to please whoever he’s with. Recently, he has been in a foster home with 3 other dogs and a cat and the whole crew have gotten along very well! He can be picky about dog friends so a slow introduction would be recommended with dog sisters/brothers. Harvey is interested in his foster’s cats but is never overbearing. He is a high energy dog who loves to run and play. However, he is still healing from surgery and needs to be taken on walks regularly to help him gain confidence and muscle in his back leg. He would make an excellent walking buddy and doesn’t pull on a leash. He is potty trained as well as crate trained. We recommend that he is fed either separately or in his kennel because he prefers to keep his food to himself! At times Harvey gets a little too adventurous and likes to explore the neighborhood when you’re not looking, so a sturdy fence or supervision during outside play time is recommended. This beautiful boy would love to be your next best friend! More about Harvey: https://www.okhumane.org/adopt/animal/?id=34527753