Bullwinkle is a big goober. He is a gangly teenager looking for a best friend to hang out with. He is an energetic boy who would love to have another large dog as a playmate, or if he’s to be an only dog, he would give you the biggest grin if he could visit the dog park regularly. He loves to play in the water. He loves his person. He’s ready to be at your side for car rides, TV watching or whatever he can do with you. Bullwinkle needs a yard with a stockade fence, or he will need his person to be with him when he is outside. He would do fine with apartment living if his person walked him daily and allowed him trips to the dog park. Bull does great with understanding commands to sit, kennel, wait, down and he likes to roll over. He’s doing well with the leash, but needs some gentle reminders to pay attention. He will need some work to learn to come when called because like many teens, when he doesn’t want to come inside or kennel up, he can be hesitant to listen. He is crate and house trained. Come meet this silly boy at the adoption center.

More about Bullwinkle: https://www.okhumane.org/adopt/animal/?id=29213140