Alice_WebAlice is a 2-year-old Pitty Terrier Mix who has nothing but love to give despite her circumstances.

Alice was adopted from us when she was just a puppy but was returned because she wasn’t housebroken. Luckily, she was adopted two week later and has been out of our program since 2015.

Unfortunately, she was abandoned, or surrendered to a rural animal shelter, adopted again, but then abandoned once more. She came back to us when a rural rescue in Hinton, OK found her microchip and contacted us letting us know she needed immediate medical attention.

She had a serious puncture wound in her right leg and a mouth infection. Through our Rita’s Angel Fund she was able to receive the care she needed and went back into our foster program to heal, lucky for her with her original foster family!

Despite her story, Alice is incredibly outgoing and loving towards everyone she meets, and although she can be a little timid to the male population when she first meets you, she warms up very quickly.

Alice loves to play outside, fetch, and is working on her leash walking skills. She has a dominant personality with adult dogs, but does beautifully with strong leadership and proper direction. Alice is house trained, crate trained, and does will in cars. She loves kittens, puppies, and children but due to her strong personality she would do best in a household with older children and if she was the only dog.

Her favorite thing in life is to cuddle and be loved on! She’s been available for adoption since Feburary 27th and is visiting the Adoption Center on a regular basis. More on Alice