Neonate Program

What are Neonates?

Neonates are puppies and kittens that are less than six weeks old. These puppies and kittens require the most delicate and loving care to help them reach maturity and make their way into our adoption program.

Local city shelters are already seeing an influx of hundreds of baby puppies and kittens coming through their doors. As tempting as it may be to scoop them up and bring them in, staying with their mother is always best.

If a litter appears abandoned, the mother may be away seeking food or water. Make sure the babies aren’t in immediate danger and then observe the area without handling them. When certain the mother isn’t coming back, contact city Animal Control for guidance.

** Remember, we are unable to accept animals from the public. We are only able to transfer all pets, including neonates, from Oklahoma City Animal Shelter and other city shelters.**

How can you help?

We are set to open up a brand new nursery!

This year we will open an infant, or neonate, nursery with staff and volunteers working shifts around the clock to save lives!

We are currently renovating and remodeling a building around I-44 and Western Ave. in Oklahoma City to make way for a unique facility specifically to help newborn puppies and kittens.

Last year (2016) we were able to save 728 neonates through foster homes, and this year with the nursery opening our goal is to save 2,000 tiny lives!

Until the nursery opens in late spring, there is an immediate need for foster homes to provide a warm and loving environment!

To get connected to our neonate program whether it be through fostering or volunteering please contact Janel Griffieth our neonate volunteer coordinator.

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