Foster a Pet

Why foster?

Share your home. Save a life. Central Oklahoma Humane Society relies on foster homes to provide temporary love and shelter for the animals in our adoption program. There are many reasons to temporarily share your home, including:

  • Fostering saves lives. Fostering an animal makes room in our local shelters, allowing for less needless euthanasia.
  • Food, vet care, and toys are provided free of charge for foster animals.
  • It is easy! Your home is the prime location for helping out in a big way.
  • It is as temporary as you would like. We need every type of foster commitment ranging from a couple of days to several weeks.

How does it work?

Your responsibilities are pretty simple. Fosters provide:

  • Basic care (food, water, socialization, and a safe place) until the pet is adopted.
  • Transportation to and from appointments for spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, etc.
  • Bringing your foster pet to the Adoption Center or adoption event until they are adopted.
  • Love. Pure and simple love.

How do you begin?

Begin by filling out the foster application. Our foster coordinator will contact you soon about a foster orientation where you will learn more. Soon after, you can begin opening your home to your new house guest!


Apply to Foster a Pet


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