Bottle Babies Nursery

At times, our local shelters are full of orphaned babies who weren’t ready to be removed from their mothers. Without extra care and medical attention, these little ones cannot survive.

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What is the Bottle Babies Nursery Program?

The Central Oklahoma Humane Society’s Bottle Babies Nursery Program is designed to help save the tiniest of lives from being euthanized in local shelters by providing around-the-clock care including feeding, medical care, warmth, nutrition, and other special care.

How can you help?

Helping our nursery starts with the front lines. Spreading the word about the importance of leaving baby kittens and puppies alone when they are in their mother’s care is important to this program.

We are also always looking for dedicated, specialized volunteers and fosters who can help care for these fragile lives. For more information on volunteering, contact or visit the volunteer page.  If you’re interested in becoming a foster for these special puppies and kittens, contact or complete the foster application.