OK Humane Receives Big Grant to Make Big Changes for OKC

WaterShed Animal Fund Grant to Directly Increase Number of Animals Saved in Central Oklahoma

Nearly $330,000 helps introduce innovative programs 7 solutions to move the mark


OKLAHOMA CITY, Jan. 13, 2015 – The Central Oklahoma Humane Society (OK Humane) announced a special grant from the WaterShed Animal Fund of $329,000 to increase the number of homeless dogs and cats saved in Oklahoma City and surrounding rural areas by thousands.

The generous grant is designed to increase the number of animals saved from needless euthanasia with new programs and improvements including:

  • Homeward Bound Relocation Program – This program will allow OK Humane to transport adult dogs and puppies at risk of euthanasia to shelters in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Colorado that have resources to find them homes. An estimated 70 percent of the animals for this program will come from Oklahoma City Animal Welfare shelter with approximately 30 percent being transferred from rural areas of the state where animal control resources are severely limited. A total of 1,800 dogs will be relocated per year when the program is at full capacity.
  • Bottle Baby Nursery – A nursery supporting an additional 2,000 fragile and nursing puppies and kittens per year will be launched this year. The nursery will allow orphaned puppies and kittens under eight weeks of age to have special care around the clock until they are ready for adoption. The bottle babies in the program will come directly from Oklahoma City Animal Welfare.
  • Foster Holding Space – Without foster commitments, organizations like OK Humane find it nearly impossible to save animals from local shelters. OK Humane will add additional foster holding space allowing more time to find appropriate fosters.
    “The WaterShed Animal Fund is pleased to support the important work of the Central Oklahoma Humane Society as they continue their partnership with the City of Oklahoma City to save the lives of companion animals in our community,” said WaterShed Animal Fund President Christy Counts.

WaterShed-puppyTogether, the WaterShed Animal Fund and Central Oklahoma Humane Society estimate increasing the percent of animals leaving the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare shelter alive from 74 percent to approximately 80 percent.

“Pet homelessness is a community issue and we need to work together if we’re going to maximize the number of pets saved. This generous grant from the WaterShed Animal Fund enables us, through our collaborative partnership with Oklahoma City Animal Welfare, to pull more dogs and cats into our programs and ultimately, save more lives,” said Susana Della Maddalena, president and CEO of the Central Oklahoma Humane Society. “We both share a goal of saving a minimum of 75 percent of animals entering the city shelter and this grant will actually help us meet and surpass that.”

About the Central Oklahoma Humane Society

The Central Oklahoma Humane Society is an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit that exists to enrich the communities it serves by promoting the well-being of animals in Oklahoma City. OK Humane’s immediate goal is to eliminate the needless euthanasia of adoptable pets at Oklahoma City Animal Welfare by transferring dogs and cats from the City Shelter to its programs. These programs include adoption, spay/neuter, trap-neuter-return and humane education. More than 100,000 dogs and cats have been served since 2007. OK Humane receives no government funding or tax dollars. Visit www.okhumane.org to learn more.

About WaterShed Animal Fund

The WaterShed Animal Fund is a private family foundation that invests in innovative programs with exemplary institutions and individuals to better the lives of companion animals.