Keeping your pet safe for 4th of July

Summer is underway, and with it comes the celebration of Independence Day! From barbecues to fireworks, there’s plenty of fun to be had– for humans. But what about your pets?

It is important to keep your furry family members in mind too. All the activities that you enjoy can be scary or harmful to your pet, so follow these tips to make sure both you AND your pets have a safe Fourth of July.

  • Never use fireworks around pets or take pets to fireworks shows! In addition to the risks of burns, fireworks are loud and scary to pets. Keep them safe and secure inside and make sure they have a cozy spot that they feel safe in (crates, bathrooms, and closets all work well). You can also play soothing music or keep a television on to help keep them calm during fireworks.
  • Take precautions in case your pet gets lost. Many pets escape during Fourth of July festivities as they are frightened by fireworks. In addition to keeping your pet inside in a secure area, double check that each pet is wearing a collar and tag with current contact information. If you don’t have a tag, the OKC Animal Welfare Division, 2811 SE 29th St., offers free ID tags to OKC residents.
  • Avoid upset tummies – watch what your pet eats. Our favorite summer treats may be enticing, but they often can be harmful to pets. Ask your guests to avoid feeding table scraps to pets. The ASPCA offers a list of unsafe foods for your pets. Additionally, make sure to keep alcoholic drinks out of your pet’s reach.
  • Watch out for poisonous products. Sunscreens, bug sprays, citronella candles, and lighter fluid are all harmful to pets.

With the proper preparation, both you and your pet can have a safe weekend! For more tips and information, visit