Adopt A Shelter Cat Month: Fee-Waived Cat Adoptions in June

Free Cats in June Round 2We LOVE cats year-round. In June, more and more cats flood into our local shelters. This has led to the national effort of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month as designated by the ASPCA to celebrate why shelters cats are so great and why adding a cats to homes makes the world a better place.

To celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, we are offering fee-waived adult cat adoptions thanks to generous grants from the Petco Foundation and the Bissell Pet Foundation. Thanks to the gift, more than 100 cats will find homes in a time when they desperately need it.

This is important because shelters across the United States sometimes struggle to find homes for cats in their programs. In fact, less than half of the cats who end up in shelters nationwide leave the facilities alive. Overcrowding and unaltered cats can create a dangerous situation for those who find themselves without a home and in a shelter.

To learn more about the cats in the Central Oklahoma Humane Society’s Adoption Program, visit our adoptions page, check out profiles, or come in and meet our cats!