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The safety and well-being of our pets and volunteers is our number one priority. The Central Oklahoma Humane Society requires all volunteers to be at least 16 years of age to volunteer on their own with a parent or guardian’s permission.

Kids ages 12-16 can volunteer with a parent present at offsite adoption outreaches, however, all other locations do require volunteers to be at least 16 years of age or older. If you’re looking for more ways your two-legged children can get involved to help homeless pets in our community, click here!

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Volunteer job descriptions by location:

Adoption Center, 7500 N. Western Ave., OKC


Location: Adoption Center, 7500 N. Western Avenue, OKC Time Commitment: Anytime Tues-Fri 7:30-8pm, Sat 9-8pm, Sun 9-6pm Come help out the Adoption Center by being an extra hand! This is a good place to start out if you are a new volunteer, or if you are flexible in your desired job duties. Includes everything: organizing, cleaning, greeting customers, and getting to know the animals!

In-House Clinic, 745 SE 26th Street, OKC

In-House Cleaning Crew

Location: In-House Clinic, 745 SE 26th St., OKC Time Commitment: Varies. This job is VITAL to the In-House Clinic. Jobs include: deep cleaning, dusting, sweeping, mopping, scooping poop, cleaning kennels, windows, laundry, dishes and more.

Homeward Bound Relocation Facility, 2901 SE 29th Street, OKC

Pooch Pals

Location: Stephen J. Bentley Quarantine Facility, 2901 SE 29th St., OKC Time Commitment: Daily between 9am-4pm. Using proper animal handing protocol, socializing and playing with adult dogs and puppies. Training adult dogs on basic commands.

OK Humane Place Spay + Neuter Clinic, 6002 S. Western Ave, OKC

Spay Street Team

Location: Varies. Time Commitment: Varies depending on your availability. We need help spreading the word about Humane Place!  We offer discounted spay/neuter services to the local community, but not everybody is aware that we are here!  That is why we need help from volunteers spreading the word by posting flyers in neighborhoods and businesses advertising our service.  This can be done whenever you have free time and with any friend or family member accompanying you.  Spread the word and let’s get more pets spayed and neutered!

Final Lap Clinic Crew

Location: OK Humane Place Spay + Neuter Clinic Time Commitment: Weekday shifts during regular business hours. The OK Humane Place Clinic serves feral cats in the Trap-Neuter-Return program and also offers low cost spay/neuter services to the general public. Volunteers assist with phone calls and interacting with customers.  They also keep the environment clean and comfortable for the many animals arriving through the facility’s doors. This includes tasks such as doing laundry, cleaning floors, and sterilizing items.

Outreach Program (various OKC locations)

Outreach Sidekick

Location: PetSmart Stores, and other locations around the community Time Commitment: Varies. Help needed before and after outreach events. Outreach Assistants work to support the Outreach Team before events and Captains at events. Volunteers are needed for a variety of things including event preparation, decorating, getting animals settled and caring for them at an event, as well as to answer questions from the public about the animals and OK Humane. The best part of working at an outreach is assisting with the adoption process once a family decides to take an animal home.

Captain Outreach

Location: PetSmart Stores, and other locations around the community Time Commitment: Often Saturdays or Sundays, usually 10:45 AM to 4 PM Outreaches are a great way for OK Humane to bring adoptable animals into the community. Outreach Captains are in charge of outreach events. They are responsible for set up at the location, care for animals during the event, and assisting the public with questions about the animals and OK Humane. In addition to these duties, the captain will also pick up supplies ahead of time, handle adoptions at the event, and manage the money.

Trap-Neuter-Return Program (various OKC locations)

TNR Trappers

Location: Various OKC locations. Time Commitment: An hour or two on any week night, and travel time to the clinic and back. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Trappers assist our Spay/Neuter Liaison (SNL) with trapping cats for elderly and disabled residents of Oklahoma City. These residents are called “Colony Mangers” and are people that are currently taking care of a Colony (group) of feral community cats. Trappers go out with our SNL in the early to late evenings to humanely trap the cats for the disabled or elderly Colony Managers and bring them to the OK Humane Place Spay + Neuter Clinic. The cats then receive a spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccine, and an ear-tip the next day. This ear tip is done humanely and is a marker to show that the cat has been spayed or neutered in the case that it is trapped again in the future. The cats are then returned to the area they were trapped in to continue to be fed and watched over by the Colony Manager that has been caring for them. To learn more about this volunteer opportunity, e-mail Samantha Burnett at samantha@okhumane.org.

Humane Education Program (various OKC locations)

Humane Education Team

Location: Various locations Time Commitment: Varies by group’s request Humane Education volunteers must enjoy working with children and be ready to impact the future of our community. Volunteers visit schools to educate classes on humane practices and also work with children’s groups visiting the Adoption Center.

PetSmart Stores (various OKC locations)

PetSmart Cat Laundry Guru

Location: Edmond, or I-240/S. Western PetSmart stores Time Commitment: One-Two Hours Weekly Laundry Aides help by picking up laundry at PetSmart in-store adoption areas, taking it home to wash & dry (or swapping it out for clean laundry at the Adoption Center), and then bringing the clean laundry back to the PetSmart location. They also check the cat adoption areas to make sure everything is neat and tidy for the kitties.

PetSmart Cat Concierge

Location: Edmond or I-240/S. Western PetSmart stores Time Commitment: Two-Three Hours Weekly OK Humane has cats available for adoption at in-store adoption areas in three local PetSmart stores. Cat Care Coordinators help check on the cats, clean cages, refill food & water, and clean litter boxes at these locations. They also transport paperwork and may be asked to bring new cats to the in-store adoption areas as needed.

Volunteer opportunities you can do from home

PetFinder Pack

Location: your home. Time: Varies. Have you ever stalked petfinder.com in search of your next family member?  We love to use petfinder to list all of our adoptable animals in the hopes that someone will see and fall in love with them!  We need help from volunteers keeping track of the animals that are available for adoption and updating the website once an animal is adopted.  This can all be done at home in your free time! 

Follow-Up Team

Location: Your home Time Commitment: An hour or two each week OK Humane follows up on all animal adoptions. These important phone calls allow the organization to see how each animal is adapting and to provide resources for any adopter questions. Being on the Follow-Up Team allows a volunteer to thank adopters personally and hear the “happy tails” from successful adoptions!

Relief Fosters

Location: Your home Time Commitment: Often only a few days Sometimes foster families need a temporary break from their animals for a weekend or for personal reasons. Other times, OK Humane’s animals just need a place to land for a few days before finding a longer term foster family to call their own. This is where relief foster families come in, and they receive the same food, medical care, and support as full time foster families.
If you are in need of court ordered community service hours or would like to schedule a volunteer group, please e-mail our Volunteer Coordinator at abby.peter@okhumane.org or give her a call at (405)286-1229 ext. 6 for more information. Volunteers are a vital part of the OK Humane team. We need your help to end the overpopulation crisis in Oklahoma City and make an impact for the well-being of animals in central Oklahoma!

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