Puppy Mill Found: Nowata, Bartlesville authorities seize 65 dogs in raid

May 24th, 2010

By Tim Hudson, Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise
Tuesday, May 18, 2010 11:33 AM CDT

More than 60 dogs were seized Monday in Nowata following a raid on a reported puppy mill.

The Nowata County Sheriff’s Office and Bartlesville Police Department Animal Control seized the dogs from conditions authorities described as “filthy.”

The term “puppy mill” generally refers to commercial canine and/or feline breeding operations that produce the animals in large quantities. A common complaint against puppy mills is that the animals are generally bred and kept in substandard, overcrowded and unsanitary conditions with little regard for the pets’ health, safety or welfare, according to the Oklahomapuppymilltruth.org Web site.

According to NCSO deputy Jay Long, the NCSO received information that there was a puppy mill near a residence in rural Nowata.

“We went to (the) owners and asked if we could look at it and they agreed,” Long said.

“The cages were sitting a long way from the house, by a barn,” he said.

Long said the dogs had food but the living conditions were “terrible.”

“The vet that came out with us took several dogs immediately because of the conditions. They are being looked over by the vet today,” he said.

“The dogs that were seized were all small breeds — Chihuahuas, Schnauzers and terriers for the most part,” BPD Animal Control Officer Rita Harvey told the Examiner-Enterprise today.

She said 65 dogs were seized in the raid.

“A lot were in different stages of pregnancy,” she said.

She described the conditions as being filthy.

“It looked like they never cleaned,” Harvey said. “The animals were in the cages with wire bottoms so the feces and urine would fall to the floor and that’s what they lived over.

“Some of the dogs were severely matted — all filthy, very dirty. Some had eye problems and others had bloody feet from walking on the wire … it was a typical puppy mill.”

Long said no arrests have been made but that he anticipates warrants will be forthcoming.

“We’re taking the information that we’ve gathered and will submit it to the district attorney with requests for warrants,” he said. “We’re still putting the case together.”


One Response to “Puppy Mill Found: Nowata, Bartlesville authorities seize 65 dogs in raid”

  1. Morgan Loudenslager says:

    I hate it when people treat animals like this. It’s either keep them and treat them well or don’t hve them at all. All people who do this should go to jail. If I ever see a case like this I would be all over these people makong sure that they do go to jail. I am not gonna sit there and watch those animals suffer from what poor condition they are living in. It’s cruel and people need to learn to respect/treat these animals well! Its horifing to see animals like that. This is just my opinion.

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