Will you help our Special Angels?

November 4th, 2013

At the beginning of August, OK Humane responded to a hoarding case in our area.  The team of employees found over 40 dogs living in a flea and roach infested, feces filled home.


OK Humane saves over 40 dogs from hoarding situation

We took these dogs in to help rehabilitate them and find them loving homes. Some were relocated to partner agencies, while others were adopted out through our Adoption Program.

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It is now almost three months later and we have 5 hoarding dogs remaining in our program.  These ‘Special Angels’ are in need of extra special homes that are filled with patience, time and love. We want to make sure that these shy pups find the right home so that they can blossom from shy and nervous dogs into the great companions they can be.

1185033_10200391008010302_918711221_n  Shelby Sunshine 2

Above: Tucker, Shelby and Sunshine are a few of our Special Angels.

Interested in starting your holiday season off by adopting one of our Special Angels?  You can call our Adoption Center at (405)286-1229 ext. 4 or email adoptions@okhumane.org.  Adopters will go through a counseling process to make sure the pet they choose is the right fit.  Adoption fees for these dogs will be waived after we determine which one will be the right fit for you.

Can’t adopt, but want to support OK Humane’s efforts in the community? Click here to donate today!

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Help us help our Special Angels! Contact us today at (405)286-1229 ext. 4 to learn more.


5 Responses to “Will you help our Special Angels?”

  1. Leah says:

    This story brings tears to my eyes! How can people hurt & neglect animals? Thank God for those who rescued these adorable & sweet dogs! I wish I could adopt them all!

  2. Janet Blackledge says:

    I would be interested in one or both of the Chihuahuas. I used to show chis and have rescued 2 before. One was a pup from a breeder and she had some brain damage from being dropped too many times. She is healthy now at 8 years old. I also rescued another pup from a person selling them at WalMart. It was too young and didn’t know how to eat and drink. It took two weeks to keep her from dying. She is healthy and adopted my husband and watches tv on his shoulder.

    • okhumane says:

      Janet, you can contact our Adoption Center staff at 405-286-1229 ext. 4 and talk to them about these Special Angels, or email adoptions@okhumane.org. We would love to talk to you about potentially adopting one of these wonderful dogs!

  3. Sandra Werner says:

    That brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know how humans or animals could live in that kind of filth. Just seeing that made me physically ill.

    I have a daughter who has cerebral palsy and I would love to get her a puppy or dog that is a rescue animal. We have taken in animals that people couldn’t take care of in the past and they are always so loving. One was a kitten taken away from the Mother too soon and we took her immediately to the veterinarian and we both tried but he said she just didn’t get a good enough start. We were so attached to her and only had her two days. We have a memorial cross in our front yard for her. It’s a solar cross and my daughter loves seeing it. Well anyway we have soft spots for rescue animals.

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